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M6008 3/8" X 8' Frame Chain w/ Grab Hook

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Part Number:M6008 1/24

Frame Chain Grab Hook for Collision Repair

Use this frame with grab hook to make the connection between the clamp or holding device and the pulling post.

Any good auto body shop needs a strong frame chain. Get yours today!

Mo-Clamp chain is manufactured in accordance with the NACM Specification for chain, ASTM Standard A391 and ASTM Standard A413 for grade 70 carbon steel chain. Mo-Clamp chain is protectively plated with yellow dichromate. #6210 ?" Alloy Clevis Grab Hook included.

Overall Length: 8' (2.44m)
Working Load Limit: 6,600 lbs (2,994kg)
Proof Test: 20,000 lbs (9,070kg)
Chain Weight: 2 lbs (.91kg)/ft
Grab Hook Weight: 1 lb (.45kg)

WORKING LOAD LIMIT: Refers to the maximum load (rated capability) in pounds that shall be applied in direct tension to a straight length of chain or attachment. NEVER EXCEED THE WORKING LOAD LIMIT.

PROOF TEST: Refers to a load in pounds which an attachment or chain (or both) has withstood during a test in which increasing tension is applied to an attachment or straight length of chain.

WARNINGS: Always inspect chain and attachments for kinking, twisting, knotting and visible defects such as distortion or damage. Do not jerk load - apply pressure slowly and steadily.

Replacement Parts: #62101 Clevis Pin, #62102 Rue Clip

Heat Treated Steel. Made in the U.S.A.

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