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BPL650H 6' collision post with hydraulics

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Hydraulic Collision Post 6’

This hydraulic collision post helps streamline your auto body repair jobs. Straighten frames and sheet metal to more easily repair the vehicle. Use hydraulic pressure to move chains which are attached to clamps or other holding fixtures that connect to the vehicle parts that need to be moved. Perfect for cars and smaller vehicles. 

Move vehicle parts back into place with ease. BPL650 Collision Post with Hydraulics


  • 6’ Power Beam
  • Heavy Duty Sheave
  • PL Push Adaptor
  • 2- 3/8” Alloy Chains
  • #687 Air/Hyd. Pump/Ram/Hose/Coupler Set

Break Down:

  1. #437-A  Power Beam- A straight pull can be made from any height from 6” to 6' above the floor
  2. #649 Power unit- Can be positioned from 6” to 6' height on the beam. Does include Hyd. Pump and ram
  3. #669 Automatic Chain Lock- Maintains the tension of the pull while the ram is being retracted. Eliminates releasing the applied pressure and rehooking for each bite of the ram.
  4. #820 Hoist- For raising or lowering the power unit, to the exact position you require with ease.
  5. #660 Compression Springs- Allows the unit to align itself with the damage before great pressure is applied. Springs help absorb the shock in case a clamp slips or a chain breaks.
  6. #651 Collision Post Base- Includes telescopic legs, flip up casters, and shock absorbing springs.
  7. #844 PL Push adaptor- For pushing
  8. #652 Easy Roll Swivel Casters- (4) casters mounted in the base make it easy to move the unit around and to position. No jockeying back and forth.
  9.  #542 Two Alloy Chains- 8’ x 3/8” Heat treated quality alloy steel designed for body and frame repair.
  10. #648 Sheave- To pull down.
  11. #659 Telescoping Leg Extensions- Provides greater stability and reduces reaction movement if a chain breaks or a clamp slips.

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