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BPL650E 7' Economy Collision Post without Hydraulics

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Part Number:BPL650E 12/22

BPL650E 7' Economy Collision Post


·        7' Power Beam


Break Down:

1.     #437-A  Power Beam- A straight pull can be made from any height from 6” to 7' above the floor

2.     #649 Power unit- Can be positioned from 6” to 7' height on the beam. Does not include Hyd. Pump or ram

3.     #669 Automatic Chain Lock- Maintains the tension of the pull while the ram is being retracted. Eliminates releasing the applied pressure and rehooking for each bite of the ram.

4.     #820 Hoist- For raising or lowering the power unit, to the exact position you require with ease.

5.     #660 Compression Springs- Allows the unit to align itself with the damage before great pressure is applied. Springs help absorb the shock in case a clamp slips or a chain breaks.

6.     #651 Collision Post Base- Includes telescopic legs, flip up casters, and shock absorbing springs.

7.     #844 PL Push adaptor- For pushing

8.     #652 Easy Roll Swivel Casters- (4) casters mounted in the base make it easy to move the unit around and to position. No jockeying back and forth.

9. #659 Telescoping Leg Extensions- Provides greater stability and reduces reaction movement if a chain breaks or a clamp slips.

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