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BPL100 4 ton Pulling Post without Hydraulics

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Part Number:BPL100 4/20
3 speed, 3 power, 4 ton collision post. Improvements on the PL100 collision post enable shop technicians to work faster with higher performance than ever.  Modifications on the top power arm extend the PL100's range from 5" to 11" and shift its speed three times for faster work.  The fulcrum pinning points change the pulling power from 1 to 2 ton or boost it to 4 tons. An automatic chain lock holds the tension in the pulling chain while the ram is retracted for another setting or for a changeover in power or speed. Pulling heights range from 8" to 5'. The post can be carried or rolled into position. It can be used with any in-the-floor pulling system. While specially designed for sheet metal and light frame pulls, the PL100 is a perfect companion for the PL650 when simultaneous sheet metal and frame pulls are required. The PL100 includes two 8' x 3/8" chains and alloy hooks. Hydraulic pump and ram not included.