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B905S Flex Arm

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Part Number:B905S 4/20

Contracted: 27", Extended: 38 1/2"

For perfect-fit door opening alignment, holding fixtures for welding and sectioning.
Large turnbuckle for pushing and pulling.
Pushes, Pulls and Locks. Works on all type vehicles. Saves time and replacement.
Buske's new FlexArm can push, pull or hold door openings rigid while other pulls
are made. The twin arms can be positioned at any point in the door opening to
straighten or lock it in place.
Because of its telescopic design and T-pin locking, the FlexArm can be used on
foreign and domestic cars, panel trucks, trucks or buses. It can be extended or
contracted to handle any size opening.
The FlexArm clamps on the lip of a door opening at any point and extends to
required stress points. Threaded shafts at both ends of the arms enable technicians
to push or pull or lock the door opening in true alignment while other correctional
pull are made. The easy and versatile FlexArm can be installed quickly and
in many instances salvage damaged door post, windshield pillars, roof lines and
hinge pillars.
The FlexArm twin braces are made of rigid telescoping steel tube with threaded end
shafts for variable adjustments. Four swivel pinch clamps provide perfect pressure stress
positioning. A device to insert a handle is provided to tighten or loosen the FlexArm.

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