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B900KD Delux Multi-Stud Puller Kit

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Part Number:B900KD 4/20
The new 900KD comes with TWO (2) 901 a 7" long plates with 34 hole placements each, One 902 a 3 1/2" long stud puller, TWO (2) 7/16" Cleivses, and ONE 903 Extender

The all new 900KD
A Delux Kit that allows you to pull up to 17" of sheet metal
This new tool allows you to multiplull studs all at ONCE!!
This creates an even force along a dent.
Simply place your pins at the width of your stud gun along the crease then place
Multi Stud Puller on the pins, slide them through and bend the plate up and you are ready to pull!!
Use the 903 Extender to hook the two 7" stud pullers together to pull up to 14" all at once.
This unit is great for rocker panels!!

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