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B890A Sure Grip Tong Clamp

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Part Number:B890A 4/20
The B890A has two large curved Jaws to reach around, over and through with a 9 1/2" throat.

Sure Grip Tong Clamp

"The Harder You Pull The Tighter It Grips"
Here's a gripping tool you can depend on. The Buske "Sure Grip" tong clamp bites tighter as you pull harder...
just the tool you need for a quick grip on frame horns, quarter panels, sheet metal, etc...
Our swiveling T-bolt stabilizer provides a fast means to hold the "Sure Grip" tong clamp in place before pulling.
And it swivels out of the way quickly when you go for a wider bite. Gripper pads have meshing teeth for extra pulling friction.
The harder the pull, the tighter the bite. Clamp slippage and incorrect pull points are eliminated with this sturdy tool.
A hookup chain enables technicians to make quick connects while automatically adjusting to the size of the bite.
Your Buske 890A tong clamp has innumerable uses for the imports and compacts that come in for repair. You'll work faster, more accurately and have less damage from pulls with the Buske tong clamp.

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