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B810B Strut-O-Plate

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Part Number:B810B 4/20
Designed for foreign and domestic vehicles. Many Strut Tower measurements can be checked while the pull is being made.

The MacPherson Strut-O-Plate is designed to bolt onto the MacPherson Strut Towers
so the body shop technician can reach over the fender in order to pull the damaged strut
towers back into alignment.
Length: 8"
Width: 8"
Height: 3"
Center Hole: 4 1/2"
No extra hooks of adaptors are needed to make most pulls. The 3/8" grab hook from a
3/8" chain hooks into the circle for the fast hook up. Another time and money making
attachment for the expert body shop technician.
The Strut-O-Plate is designed with a large circle cut in the center to clear obstruction and
in many cases, strut tower measurements can be checked with a universal measuring system
or tram gauge while the pull is being made.

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