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B560-I E-Z Anchor with Insert

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Part Number:B560-I 4/20

EZ Tie Down Floor Anchor 

Use the EZ floor anchor to tie and secure vehicles to your concrete floor for adjusting damage. This concrete anchor endures a force of up to 10 tons. Tie a vehicle to the floor for bending and straightening frames and sheet metal.

This floor tie down or tie back is a must have for any body shop. 

Install these cylinder-shaped, wedge-type anchors in your existing floor to create a tie down frame stall for your shop in a jiffy. With a 3 1/2" concrete core drill, you can set the EZ Tie Down Anchor in the floor so you can work in almost any position around a damaged vehicle. 

The 560-I EZ anchor is inserted into the drilled concrete and a special puller forces the square wedge securely into the cylinder. Since the wedge is larger than the inside diameter of the cylinder, the slotted cylinder walls expand against the concrete walls, locking the cylinder into the floor. A protective insert ring at the neck of the cylinder prevents chipping around the top of the cylinder. Once installed, the tighter you pull the tighter it wedges. When the E-Z anchor is not in use, the chain drops into the cylinder, pulling the cover in with it and creating a flush-with-the-floor flange. 

The covered anchors create a smooth surface for wheeled or castered equipment and make clean-up and sweeping easy. Chains are easily replaced by simply knocking the wedge down, turning the wedge sideways and then pulling it up through the cylinder. 

New chains can be installed by removing a pin from the bottom of the wedge, taking out the old chain and substituting the new. The wedge can be slipped into the cylinder sideways, set upright and pulled into its previous locking position. 

Specifications 560-I E-Z Anchor 

Capacity 10 Tons 

The 560-I floor anchors can be installed by you or a local contractor. You simply need a 3 1/2" core drill. The core drilled hole should go through the slab into the material below. Doing this allows for a place for the chain to hang when not in use and also it will allow any water that may enter the anchor to seep away. This space should be around 6-8" deep from the top of the slab. Six inches of concrete depth with a 3000# concrete mix is recommended. Setting the anchor can be done by using a specialized puller that may be rented from Buske LLC or you may develop a way to set them yourself. Basically, the anchor chain needs to be pulled upward while holding the top of the anchor flush with the surface. The setting press applies up to 10 tons of force. Give us a call with any questions. 800-362-8753

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