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B525 Concealed Floor Anchor

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Part Number:B525 10/21

Hidden Floor Anchor Concealed for Automotive Shops

This tie down floor anchor is hidden and concealed in your shop floor. Use it to bend and pull car and truck frames. This concealed automotive anchor resists a force of up to 25  tons. This automotive body shop anchor will help you align vehicle frames with ease. 

This concealed concrete anchor is hidden and won’t disturb your body shop workspace.

This concealed floor anchor includes anchor body part #527 and cover #526.

Buske's concealed floor anchor systems turns your shop into full-function frame stalls and eliminates sublet work. Use this dual-purpose anchor system to tie down auto body and frame jobs. Portable equipment can be anchored in any position, in any direction around the damaged vehicle.
The floor anchors are installed flush in existing concrete floors or while a new floor is being poured. By placing the covers on the hidden and concealed floor anchor, the entire work surface becomes one smooth, level floor.  Portable equipment and dollies glide over the covers and floor smoothly. The stall is easy to keep clean.

The B532 can be used with the B525 to make pulls directly from a 2 x 4 beam. The B532 inserts into the B525, then the 2x4 beam inserts into the tube at the top of the B532 turret. Keeping the long side of the 2x4 pointed towards the object you will be pulling on you can make many repairs.

Made with US materials and workmanship. Made in the U.S.A.

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