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B515 Long Wheel Stand

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Long Wheel Stand for Auto Body Repair

Sometimes you need the weight of the car on its suspension when making a pull. This long wheel stand keeps the car’s weight where it belongs when straightening the frame. The long wheel stand attaches to a wheel hub, basically replacing the wheel.

You know auto body repair. Straighten frames easily with the long wheel stand.

This is a single zinc plated wheel stand. Buske wheel stands are out of the way when working with portable and stationary frame equipment. 

Using the wheel stands keeps the cars weight where it belongs. This ensures accurate measurements when doing body and frame repairs. It also leaves the undercarriage free and open for hanging centerline gauges. 

The B515 long wheel stand adjusts from 14" to 24". The wheel stands can be set directly on the floor or placed in the B755 car dolly to allow for movement.

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