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B1325F (set of 4) Posi-Lock/Uni-Clamp Bases

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Includes (4) assembly bases (8) 1341 E-Z Anchor and (2) 1340

The Buske 1325F Posi-Lock Uni-Clamp is an ideal, totally rigid, floor-to-vehicle holding system that speeds repairs in body shops with amazing accuracy.  Chassis realignment can be accomplished front, back and up to eight different heights with this highly versatile, positive anchoring system.  Installation is a matter o drilling holes in a concrete floor and installing bolt anchors for securing the steel run-on plates.  From then on it is merely a matter of inserting the components to fit any type of unibody and chassis alignment. Chains are eliminated.  Holding is rock solid. Work goes faster. Precision is assured.-Tearing and twisting is practically eliminated. Pulls can be made 360 deg. around vehicle with a collision post.  When the job is complete, roll the aligned vehicle off and put a new job on. Base plates can be left in place or removed for clear stalls.  The Posi-Lock is adaptable to all floor pull systems and many drive on racks. However it is used, you can depend on accuracy, speed and one-man ease of operation with the amazing new positive-unibody and chassis holding system.

Low and High Range Adjustment
Height adjustment on the low setting is from 8 inches to 12 inches, allowing the system to be hooked up without raising the vehicle.  Ideal for fast pulls that do not require center line gauges or universal measuring systems.  Height Adjustments on the high side is from 14 inches to 18 inches. This allows the vehicle to be raised from the floor for undercarriage inspection, hanging of centerline gauges or universal measuring systems.
Chainless Anchor System
Frameless compacts, full frame vehicles and light trucks can be secured to the floor without the use of chains for quick, complete unibody and chassis alignment.
  • Completely adjustable for eight different heights
  • Easy to install
  • Free underbody clearance
  • Anchor plates can be left attached to floor for easy on and off movement.
  • Circumscribes entire vehicle in 60" to 80" pattern
  • Eliminates chain hook-ups
  • Facilitates hanging of frame gauges and universal measuring systems
  • Reduces tearing and twisting of rocker panels

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