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B1050S Jumbo Hook

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Part Number:B1050J 4/20
All Purpose Hook 8" Opening 6 1/2" Deep
With the straight pull design, the Buske hooks have many uses, such as hooking around cowls, door frame, over fenders,
under fenders, under and over rocker panels, over frame rails, into torque boxes and many other areas where you will
need a fast hook up. Definitely a time and work saving tool for the Auto Body and Frame technician.
Constructed from tough alloy steel to withstand the hard pulls required in auto and body repair.
The hook head on #1050M is designed with a hole in the center of the head to go over the bolt which is found in many of the
Uni Body torque boxes. All heads are equipped with needle point teeth to help prevent slipping while the pulls are made.
Choose from the small, medium large of jumbo size to fit your needs and operation.

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